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Let our Artificial Intelligence choose the right combination of design, copy, and call to action. It will choose possible changes and try them out doing A/B testing to determine which ones have the best conversion rate.

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Case Study

Save up to 40% on gas with the Toyota Prius C Hybrid Technology


Welcome aboard the Toyota Prius C with Hybrid Technology

"Save up to 40% on gas with the Toyota Prius C Hybrid Technology" converted +18% better than the original "Welcome aboard the Toyota Prius C with Hybrid Technology", with 95% confidence.
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Boost your conversion rate

Increase your revenue by making the top of your funnel bigger. Doing landing page optimization has never been easier!

Set it and forget it

Include our JavaScript code snippet and just let the AI do its job. It will automatically choose the best combinations to show to the users, boosting your conversion rate in the process.

No manual work required

The AI will use advanced statistics analysis to choose the best A/B tests for you. Just chill out and watch your numbers go up.

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"What makes it unique is that it can test multiple variables at the same time, showing different combinations of elements until there's a clear, statistically significant winner for the page. This makes it a great option for marketers who need a set-it-and-forget-it solution where the machine does all the work."

Best A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

It works with your favorite tool

Implementing ABtesting.ai is as easy as inserting a code snippet in your page. We have specific solutions for your favorite site builder.

ABTesting.ai plugin for WordPress
ABTesting.ai for Webflow
ABTesting.ai for Suarespace
ABTesting.ai for Wix
BloggerShopifyJimdoNext.jsand more.

A/B testing made easy

No need to be constantly tracking your A/B tests or thinking about what changes to make, let an AI do that for you.

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