How It Works -

How It Works

1. Create variations

You enter your URL and create a few variations of your title, copy and call to action. The number of possible combinations of these variations can be very big.

  • Our AI will recognize the title, copy and CTA.
  • It will automatically suggest variations for you.
  • Your conversion event will be automatically detected by the AI.

2. Integrate

Integrate our small javascript snippet in your webpage or install our WordPress or Wix plugin.

  • Our Javascript snippet code size is less than 1KB.
  • Running the the tests won’t impact your site’s performance.

3. Run the first experiment

We create a first experiment with some of the variations and run it using a multi-armed bandit approach.

  • Because of the multi-armed bandit algorithm, it’s unlikely that your total conversion rate will see a drop while running the experiment.
  • The multi-armed bandit algorithm will show the most successful variation more often, so you don’t lose conversions while running the test.

4. Use AI to find the best combination

Once the experiment reaches statistical significance, we take the variations that worked best and use an evolutionary algorithm to mix them up and mutate them to run the next batch.

  • By using an evolutionary algorithm, we will find the best variation faster than having to try every single possible combination.
  • We run our experiments in batches so you can reap the benefits of A/B testing earlier and without needing too much traffic on your site.

5. Repeat

We run a new experiment and repeat this process until finding the combination that maximizes conversions.

See it in action

Try with your landing page URL and see how it works:

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