What does it do?

ABtesting.ai is an A/B testing platform that automatically suggests and executes A/B tests on your landing page. It requires no knowledge about A/B testing and it can work in an unattended way. You just need to do the initial setup and our AI algorithm will find the best variation of your landing page that optimizes the conversion rate. Sounds easy, right?

Common problems with other A/B testing tools

Choosing what to test

Choosing what to test on your landing page is actually a hard task. Many A/B tests will fail not because you don't have enough visits on your page but because you chose the wrong things to test and the things you chose will not actually change in any measurable way your conversion rate. So you might get stuck running an A/B test for months trying to achieve some statistical significance on a 0.5% conversion rate improvement.

ABtesting.ai will intelligently suggest what to change on your landing page so you can achieve a higher conversion rate and will run A/B tests to rigorously determine if there's an improvement. ABtesting.ai won't get stuck trying to optimize things that don't actually matter. We have an early detection system that will find out early if a test has a low probability of giving you a big conversion rate improvement and will cut it out before it ends.

Risk of underperforming while running the A/B tests

It's a common problem while running A/B testing that some of the variations will perform worse than the original design. This will make the overall conversion rate go down while you are running the tests, which could last for months, till you reach statistical significance to be able to actually tell that one of the variations performs better than the other ones.

ABtesting.ai uses a multi-armed bandit approach to A/B testing that will show more often the variation of your landing page that has a higher conversion rate while running the test. This allows us not only to make your landing page to have a higher conversion rate while running the tests but also to be able to reach statistical significance faster than with a classical A/B testing method. This also allows you to keep running A/B testing on your web page indefinitely to squeeze out every conversion rate improvement you can out of it.

Choosing which combinations of changes to try out

Let's say that you want to test out 5 different colors for you call to action, 3 possible texts for your headline, 3 for your copy and 4 different form layouts for your signup form. This makes a total of 5x3x3x4 = 180 possible combinations that you could try out on your landing page to try to improve your conversion rate. Having to actually test all the possible combinations would take you years using a traditional Multivariate A/B test.

ABtesting.ai will use an AI to choose which are the best combinations to test out so you don't actually need to test all of them. You will be able to have the best possible version of your landing page in a very short timespan.

Web page loading speed

Most of the A/B testing tools out there will ask you to include a huge JavaScript snippet on your website that will make it load slower, impacting your site performance and your conversion rate. Some tools like ABtasty will even load jQuery into your web page (!) making everything slower and impacting your user's experience.

ABtesting.ai is blazing fast. Our JavaScript snippet size is less than 1KB and will not have any impact on your site's performance.


Flickering or Flash of Original Content is when the original page is briefly displayed before the variation appears during an A/B test. Many tools out there have this problem, including Google Optimize which has an official “anti-flickering” code snippet that you need to figure out by yourself how to use.

ABtesting.ai doesn't have this problem and you won't have to worry about it. Our solution is clean and fast. We will write another blog post describing how it works and why other tools get this problem so wrong.


Not all of your visitors will react in the same way to your landing page. It depends a lot on the context of how they arrived to your webpage, what are they looking for, which country they come from, etc. Most A/B testing tools will ignore all of these facts and just show the variations of the A/B tests equally to everyone.

ABtesting.ai will start out showing all the variations to everyone and it will continuously learn which of the variations work better with which audience. For example, people coming from your Facebook ads campaign will react better to a certain headline than people who visit your site organically. ABtesting.ai will take that into account while running the tests so you can maximize your conversion rate and your profits.

Upfront Costs

Most A/B testing products will make you pay a subscription before you can actually see the results. ABtesting.ai will only start charging you once we find a variation that actually increases your conversion rate. We will make sure that you see the value out of our product before we start charging you.

Adjusting Tests to Mobile

While designing which variations to test, you always have to consider how it is going to look like for multiple screen sizes. If you are designing the change for desktop, you will need to try out how it looks on mobile by yourself, and all designers know that this is extremely annoying and hard to get right. One of your variations might break the UI for some of your visitors and you won't even know that the A/B test is skewed. Since ABtesting.ai creates the A/B tests for you, it will also check for the changes not to break anything in the UI for all possible screen sizes.


ABtesting.ai is an extremely powerful tool for increasing your conversion rate by performing automated A/B tests. You don't need any kind of knowledge of A/B testing, let our AI sort all the details for you. Artificial Intelligence applied to conversion rate optimization is not the future, it's the present.