How To Do A/B Testing In A WordPress Page

A/B testing is a process that compares two pages and will help you to improve your conversion rates on a landing page or a sales funnel. In this post, you will discover how you can do A/B testing on a WordPress website in four simple steps. The goal is to create the best variation for the different elements that you use in your landing pages.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a technique and a tool for internet marketers that want to improve their conversions and sales. It helps you to compare two versions of a page and get data on how each version of the page works.

Every marketer can do A/B testing and compare all the elements of a page like a headline, copy, colors, and calls to action. Of course, we need a good A/B testing tool because it's unlikely to do it manually. Then, the process is repeated many types until they get great results.

How Does A/B Testing Works?

You need a website, whether it's a standard WordPress website or a simple landing page, and an A/B testing tool that collects data and compares the results. Your website needs to have enough visitors because their options will create the available data. Your job is to change the different elements of the site to find the best possible versions of them.

Why Do You Need A/B Testing?

While you can see if your landing page converts and how much are the conversions rates with tools like Google Analytics, there is no way to improve your results without A/B testing.

In many cases, websites do not convert well because of a bad headline or a bad call to action. If you don't compare the existing headline with other versions, you will not be able to figure out the problem. Even the most experienced internet marketers and copywriters use A/B testing on every landing page that promotes their products or services.

When you already get some results, you can keep running tests to improve your conversions and sales. This process improves user experience and adds value to your target audience because it helps them find what they want on your website. So, it's a win-win situation for the website owners and visitors.

What Is The Plugin?

We have created the plugin for website owners that want to optimize their landing pages. It takes only a few clicks to create a second version of a landing page and start testing them with your traffic. Our plugin will increase the conversion rates without manual work from you. Once you install the plugin, it will choose the best combinations for your landing page automatically.

How to Do A/B Split Testing in WordPress

Below you can read the four steps that you need to do A/B testing on any WordPress page. Before getting started with your website, you must create a new account on It requests only an email and a password for a new account. Then, you can continue with the first step:

1. Initial SetUp

In this step, you just need to add the link to your WordPress website or the page that you want to test.

2. Choose Page Variations

You need to spend more time in step 2, but the options are quite simple and straightforward. Here is how to get started:


The first element that your visitors see on your website is the headline. If it is interesting and can get their attention, they will keep reading your copy and may click your call to action. On the other hand, a boring headline will not convert well.

Our A/B testing tool allows you to create new versions of your headline with the "add new text" button. Some headlines tests could include numbers, power words, or mention a positive outcome of using your product or service.


It works like the headline testing, but the copy tends to have more content than a headline. You may describe your products or the goal of your website in a few paragraphs.

A/B testing can help you to determine the right length of the copy as well. You can use different variations, words, and writing styles. There is another "add new text" button you can use to write copy and start testing the two versions.

Call To Action:

An effective call to action can make a huge difference in your results, even if you change just one word. Our tool gives you the option to change the text of the call to action and choose the right color for your page.

3. Choose Your Conversion Goal

The goal of a landing page is to make a conversion, and we search for the version that can give the best results. The tool can understand if a conversion is completed when the visitors go to the conversion page. So, you need to add a link to the page that is the destination of your visitors. When a user reaches on this page, the tool will count one extra conversion. You can let the tool do the process automatically or choose the manual option.

4. Integration

The last step is about integrating the tool on your WordPress website. You have two available options. First, you can copy-paste a simple piece of code on the page that you perform A/B testing. You can add the code from the theme editor of your WordPress dashboard.

If you don't want to mess with the theme editor, you can install the WordPress plugin of the tool. You go to the dashboard, click add a new plugin, type, and download it to your site. You can install it from the same page or the page with the other plugins of your website.

Repeat The Testing Process

Once you have installed our plugin and do your first A/B testing, you can keep doing the same process for more pages and variations of your website. It's important to optimize all the pages that can affect your website's conversions. Also, you can test calls to action on pages that just send traffic to other important pages with internal links.


You can use our tool to optimize every WordPress page. The process requires only four steps that do not take over a few minutes. The installation process is super simple. You can install it with a piece of code like your Google Analytics or install the free plugin.

Do you want to give A/B testing a try?