How To Use Abtestingai With Cloudflare

How to use with Cloudflare#

As web development becomes more and more mainstream, and hundreds of thousands of poorly secured websites enter the space every year, hacking has become a real issue. So much so that there's an average of 30,000 websites being hacked daily.

This situation has increased the awareness of cyber-security, where Cloudflare leads as the most popular solution to cyber-attacks.

But as there are malicious bots that want to steal your user's data, there are others that need to access it to help you grow your business. For example, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and us,

There's where IP Whitelisting comes to play.

An IP is a unique set of characters that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. In this case, a bot.

So, “whitelisting the IP” of our bot, is a way of saying to Cloudflare's security system: “this bot won't attack my website, you can let it do its thing”.

Cloudflare has made it pretty simple to whitelist IPs. Here, let me show you:

How to whitelist our IPs on Cloudflare#

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account

  2. Click the Firewall icon and then on the Tools tab

  3. List's IP addresses under the IP Access Rules:

    a) Enter the IP address

    b) Choose Whitelist as the action

    c) Choose the website to which the whitelisting rules will apply

  4. Click Add

  5. Repeat with all of our IP addresses

There are a couple of things to note here:#

  1. How so “Repeat”? Do I have to whitelist more than 1 IP address? Yes. You'll have to whitelist 3.

  2. Cool, let's do it. Where can I find the IPs to get started? For security reasons, we do not have the IPs posted on this document. You'll need to send an email to asking for them.

You'll get a response in less than 24hrs with the IPs you are looking for.

If you have any other question regarding you Google Analytics connection that has not been answered in this post, please contact or leave a message in chat. We'll be with you as soon as possible!

How to use with Cloudflare