How To Create A New Experiment

How to create a new experiment from the overview#

For adding a new web page to test, you’ll need to click on “+ Add new website”, on the top right corner of your screen:

This will take you to the first step of the setup. Now, you’ll have to paste the URL of the page you want to do an experiment on.

You can paste here two types of URLs:

  • The URL of a page inside a website you already are testing on (ex: you are testing on the Home Page, and you want to conduct an experiment on the Contact Page).

  • The URL of a page inside a completely new website.

You won’t be able to run two experiments on the same URL at the same time.

The tool will detect what type of URL is dealing with and will act accordingly:

  • If it’s the URL of a page that belongs to an already fetched website, it will cluster all the experiments under said website.

  • If the URL corresponds to a website that wasn’t already fetched, It will create a new cluster of experiments related to that website.

For accessing them, you have this dropdown:

How to create a new experiment from the overview