How To Connect Google Analytics

How to connect your account with Google Analytics#

Connecting your experiments to your Google Analytics account will allow you to use the conversion events previously created there for any of the tests you want to run on your website.

This opens the possibility to measure very specific events that maybe is not able to detect automatically, making your tests super accurate.

At the same time, this connection will create a custom dimension on your Analytics account that allows you to have a deep dive into the performance of each variant as if they were different pages on your site.

Cool, right?

Well, making that connection couldn't be easier.

On the setup, once the tool has fetched your site, and you have created all the elements you want to test, you'll get to the Conversion Goal step.

There, you just need to click on Connect Google Analytics.

This will open a pop-up that will ask you for the google account you want to do the connection with. Once that is selected, make sure you are on the correct Google Analytics account by comparing IDs, and then select the Conversion Events you want the test to measure.

Now will use the conversions events you selected and your Google Analytics tracking info to drive your test.

How to see the variants in Google Analytics#

Head to and enter the account you connected to the test. Once there, click on Admin (bottom-left corner), and, on the middle column, go to your Custom Dimensions:

And there you'll see all the variants as if they were separate pages on your site. Now you can apply to them all the metrics that Google Analytics offers!

If you have any other question regarding you Google Analytics connection that has not been answered in this post, please contact or leave a message in chat. We'll be with you as soon as possible!

How to connect your account with Google Analytics