How To Connect Google Analytics

How to connect your account with Google Analytics#

Connecting your experiments to Google Analytics will create a custom dimension that allows you to have a deep dive into the performance of each variant, showing you way more metrics than just Conversion Rate.

For making that connection, you’ll have to click on your User and then Settings:

Then click on the GA button:

This will open a pop up that will ask you for the google account you want to do the connection with, also accept all terms and conditions, and ask for your “Tracking ID”. For finding your tracking ID, sign in to your Google Analytics account and make sure that you are in the correct “Account” and “Property”.

Once everything is ok, click on the "Admin" tab placed on the left bar. Then click on “Tracking info” and on “Tracking Code".

You should see your "Tracking ID". Copy it and paste it in the box.

That's it!

How to connect your account with Google Analytics