In the information is organized with the following criteria: Website -> Webpage -> Experiment

A Website groups all the web pages under a single domain. So, if I'm running 2 A/B tests on my website, one under and another one under they will both be web pages under the website.

You can list all of your websites doing a GET to the endpoint

Remember that you will need to set the Authentication-Token header with the API Token that you acquired in the previous step.

Python Example#

import requests token = 'Your token goes here' res = requests.get('', headers={'Authentication-Token': token}) print(res.json())

Response Example#

[ { "domain":"", "id":2940, "user_id":1234, "verified":true, "web_pages":[ 3442, 3443 ] }, { "domain":"", "id":2941, "user_id":1234, "verified":true, "web_pages":[ 3444, 3445 ] } ]