Authentication# requires that you authenticate by sending an API Token with each request to grant you access to the API.

In order to get the token, you will need to to do a POST to the endpoint with the following parameters:

emailThe email you used to sign up.
passwordThe password you used to sign up.

Python Example#

import requests body = {'email': '', 'password': 'somepassword'} res ='', json=body) token = res.json()['response']['user']['authentication_token']

Response Example#

{ "meta":{ "code":200 }, "response":{ "user":{ "authentication_token":"WyI4IiwiJDUkcm91bmRzPTUzNTAwMCRjb2xQWWpRV3dmLkZaQldHJHNBNHJWT24vUUxocUw5L0hHbmdlQllpOEZOTmtELkFLcktyL0trUWdtM0IiXQ.YK_rjg.tKnPceiy5UFFKRV9I4bWwiEVxvs", "id":"1234" } } }