When you want to promote an offer or a product on the internet, you need a landing page and traffic. Your goal is to convince the visitors to move on to the next step. They may download a free report, join an email list, click a link, etc.

However, sometimes your visitors don't take any action, and this is when you must consider your conversion rate. In this article, you read ten things about the conversion rate on your landing pages that will improve your results.

What Is The Conversion Rate Of A Landing Page?

A conversion rate is a simple number that shows the percentage of the visitors that made the desired action on a landing page. It is the number of conversions for every 100 visitors. The goal of a landing page is always to promote something, so there is a conversion rate in every case.

The average conversion rate is at 2.5%, but the top websites can have a conversion rate of over 5%. The best part is that you can always improve the conversion rate if you do some of the things that are mentioned below.

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of A Landing Page

1. A/B Testing

You can't figure out if a change will give a positive or negative outcome if you don't test the new change. A/B testing compares two different landing pages to discover the one with the best conversion rate. You can use A/B testing for every part of a landing page like headlines, images, call-to-action buttons, etc. It's possible to compare more than two variations of a landing page at the same time. By testing everything, you can keep improving your conversion rate because you always keep the best results.

2. Write Effective Headlines

The headline is the first thing that every visitor will see when he visits a landing page. It helps them to understand the topic of the page and your offer. If the headline does not get your visitors' attention, they will leave the page. If you optimize your headlines and use A/B testing to get the best option, you will keep your visitors longer on the page, so they will have more chances to convert.

3. Use The Right Images

After the headline, they will see the image and the content of the landing page. Starting with the image, it must be very relevant to the offer of the landing page. In many cases, it should show the product or any other promotion. However, any relevant images can help with the conversion rate as well. If you use a video instead of an image, follow the same rule and keep it super relevant.

4. Create A Good Copy

The copy is the content of the landing page that gives more information about your offer. It needs to have high readability and avoid any grammar mistakes. Usually, landing pages do not need long content, but it must be effective and easy to understand. The visitors must get your message in a few words.

5. Test Different Call-To-Action Buttons

You need a call-to-action button that will show your visitors how to go to the next step. It can be something simple like "subscribe" or "download here". The call-to-action button will determine the click-through rate of the landing page that will affect the overall conversion rate. It is important to check different calls to action, shapes, colors, and placements to get more clicks.

6. Reduce The Loading Time Of Your Landing Page

Most websites load in a few seconds these days, so your visitors expect a fast website speed. When they don't see the requested page fast enough, they click the exit button. If you improve the loading time and other technical parts of your landing pages, you will decrease the waste of traffic from technical issues.

7. Optimize Your Form Fields

Your form fields request contact details from your visitors like an email, name, and phone number. Many people on the internet are not willing to give their contact details. The less information you ask from them, the more conversions you will get. Also, the design of your form fields can affect your conversion rate, so you can use A/B testing for different placements, shapes, colors, and descriptions.

8. Add More Value To Your Offers

Even if you create the best landing page in the world, it will not convert when you don't offer something of value. On the other hand, great offers will be welcome for your target audience most of the time. Many marketers give a free ebook or report in exchange for an email address. If this is your strategy, make sure that your report is worth their email address.

9. Add Testimonials

Social proof increases the conversion rate because your target audience knows that your offers already work for other people. Testimonials are the best way to add social proof to a landing page. You can request testimonial comments and videos from your customers, use review sites, or use social media comments from happy customers. Testimonials have the power to eliminate the doubts and worries of other people about your products. Then, it's easier for them to join an email list or make a purchase.

10. Remove Distractions

One common mistake is to add too many elements on a landing page. For example, adding an image is a great idea, but adding too many images can confuse the visitors unless they add more value. The same applies to other things like too much content and details. You need to find the right balance and remove any unnecessary distractions. In some cases, you just need a great headline and a powerful call-to-action button to get the job done.


These were ten things that you can do to improve your conversion rate. The first step should be A/B testing and then figure out the best version of every part on a landing page. You can test every word that you change in your content or every difference in the design. A/B testing will give you the results that you want from your internet marketing campaigns.